East Meets West

Colours, history, fabrics and politics are all weaved together in the new “Losing the Compass” exhibition at the White Cube gallery in London, which had its opening Wednesday evening.

In the “Losing the Compass” exhibition, curated by Scott Cameron Weaver and Mathieu Paris, a group of artists searched for ways to tell a story of history and politics through tapestries and quilts. “The exhibition is all about ‘East meets West’,” says Diyala AlMandil, a White Cube sales assistant. Artists and craftsmen from all over the globe worked together to create and curate the pieces in this exhibition.

“This exhibition focuses on the rich symbolism of textiles and their political, social and aesthetic significance through both art and craft practice,” states White Cube. Francesca De Filippo, a White Cube exhibition assistant, adds to this, “One of the general overlapping political themes was authorship. Since the artist often times has an idea and a concept, but lets someone else make it. This raises questions on the concept of who really makes the art. Who really is the author?”

Curators Weaver and Paris give colour to the white gallery with all the flamboyant quilts and sumptuous tapestries. De Filippo says, “The curators liked the concept of combining low and high art in the same exhibition. Different boundaries are being crossed.”

The gallery is known for exhibiting contemporary art. “The concept of this exhibition was a risky one for the gallery, it took quite a lot of research and organization. But I believe it worked out really well,” De Filippo says.


‘Losing the Compass’ is on until 9 January 2016 at White Cube Mason’s Yard London.


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